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PayPal - Subscriptions/Donations/ShoppingCart - Accept credit card payments online, Worldpay

PayPal -

Accept credit card payments online

If you need a proper business account complete with need for well organised credit card payments and collections facility/merchant account, click the WORLDPAY banner above for more details about collecting payments online.

If you need to accept credit card payments online quickly, get a paypal account. If you have no idea what PayPal is but you want to accept credit card payments on your website then clink the paypal button and sign up for a free account so you can make and collect online payments instantly for your subscriptions, donations, auctions and other products. PayPal is the easiest and cheapest way for small businesses and websites to accept payments online. Paypal operates internationaly and you can instantly accept many major currencies. Any problems with your signup process, or if you don't really understand how it all works then just email and I can advise.

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

PAYPAL Multi-Currency Subscriptions Code

If you wish to accept differing currency amounts for PAYPAL multiple currencies on your website with a select option and button like this then you will need this simple Javascript, the first script is for subscriptions, further down this page you can find the code for donations. The donations code has no Javascript, it's just a form.

amount Click button.

Header - Change currency values for your desired amounts and insert this script in the head of your html page

Body - Change info below to match your required details of terms and free trial etc. Within PayPal the Sell/Subscriptions section will create a button with these details for you.

If you are modifying a paypal generated button you will need to add name="currency" to the form action line (see below), also remove the "a3" (amount) and "currency_code" lines and place this script in the body of your page where you want the paypal link to be.

If you need to have several options for variable subscription terms on the same page CLINK HERE for more info.

Remember these are for subscription buttons, if you are setting this up for single item purchases you will need to change all references to the value 'a3' to 'amount'. There is a single item purchase working demo, email for details. You can of course decide to only accept payments in one currency but customers are more likely to purchase in their own currency, and an added bonus of this system is that for single item purchases you can take into account shipping fees etc. just by adding them to the value, this illiminates the need to calculate differing values for overseas postage. Or perhaps you could use a shopping cart, there are many available from the paypal developers area, but you will probably need cgi/php access and ... 'the knowledge'

PAYPAL Multi-Currency Donation Code

amount Click button.
Body - Insert this into your html where you want the donation button to appear.

Many variations can be made to these simple forms, for example you can have several buttons for your different terms or leave the donation amount field blank for the donor to fill in their own value or perhaps not display the subscription amount at all... just have the currency selector and a submit button.

If you are happy with these codes send a paypal donation to: support@peakcounter.com

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